There are many opportunities for students within the American Fisheries Society. This includes reduced membership fees for state chapters and the parent society as well as many free membership opportunities in the Society's various sections. Student membership also gets you discounted registration costs to meetings affiliated with the Society as well as access to scholarships, awards, and job opportunities.

Parent Society
Membership application and student dues amount can be found on the parent society webpage.
Section memberships that are FREE for students:
Many other sections are available and are typically $5-15 per year for membership and can be added on to your membership through the parent society's website during enrollment.
Northcentral Division: The Kansas Chapter of the AFS is in the North Central Division of AFS. All Kansas members are part of the North Central Division by default.
Kansas Chapter
Dues: $5 per year
Membership application can be found on the Kansas Chapter webpage.
Dues: Free
Membership is open to any student in Kansas. See their website for more information.
Regional and National
Janice Lee Fenske Scholarship - provides a $500 scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate student attending the annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. For more information visit the Michigan Chapter webpage.
Student Writing Contest - This contest recognizes students for excellence in the communications of fisheries research to the general public. Applicants submit a 500 to 700 word article explaining their original research or a research project in their lab or school. Students may write about research that has been completed, is in progress, or is in the planning stages. The article should be written in language understandable to the general public (i.e., a journalistic style that avoids jargon) and should clearly describe the objectives of the research, its expected or observed results, and its importance to society. Photos or graphics are allowed but not required. The winning article will be published in Fisheries Magazine following the AFS Annual Meeting.
Outstanding Student Subunit - The Outstanding Student Subunit Award recognizes outstanding professionalism, active resource protection, and enhancement programs, as well as a strong commitment to the mission of the Society.
William R. Mote Fisheries Fellowship - AFS has established a scholarship honoring Mr. Mote’s contribution, to support a one-time award to two graduate students per year, who are working in research that focuses on the conservation and sustainability of fisheries species considered popular for recreation. Each award recipient will receive a one-time monetary award of $1500. It is expected these funds will be reserved for aspects of pursuing graduate education (for example tuition, textbooks, equipment, supplies, travel, and living expenses). This award will be made directly to the student and not to the student’s educational institution. It is not intended to replace any funding previously obligated to the student.
J Francis Allen Scholarship - awarded to a female AFS Member and doctoral candidate who is conducting aquatic research. Presented by the Equal Opportunities Section.
Equal Opportunities Section (EOS) Travel Award - provides funds to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society.
John E. Skinner Memorial Fund Award - provides monetary travel awards for deserving graduate and exceptional undergraduate student to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society.
Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program - The AFS Emerging Leaders Mentorship Award Program was established to develop future leaders of the Society, and the fisheries profession as a whole, by providing selected candidates an opportunity to participate for one year in activities of the AFS Governing Board. Awardees will be paired with a mentor who is a member of the Governing Board and will be awarded up to $500 to offset costs associated with attending the governance meetings, held in conjunction with the annual AFS Meeting.
Kansas Chapter
Duffy student travel grant - The Kansas Chapter and North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society sponsors a travel grant to the annual North Central Division fisheries meeting. The grant covers up to $450.00 for travel expenses and registration. Interested students should submit a one-page letter of application that includes present and past accomplishments, career goals, need and reasons for attending the meeting. The call for applications occurs in the fall of each year and will be distributed to the KSAFS listserv.
Otto Tiemeier-Frank Cross Student Scholarship - a $300 scholarship awarded to a deserving graduate student and the Chapter will pay expenses for the recipients to attend our annual meeting.  Please contact the Scholarship Committee Chair for more information.
Klassen Award - a $300 scholarship awarded to a deserving undergraduate student and the Chapter will pay expenses for the recipients to attend our annual meeting.   Please contact the Scholarship Committee Chair for more information.
The application requirements for the Otto Tiemeier-Frank Cross Student Scholarship and Klassen Award are the same. The call for applications occurs in the fall of each year with a pre-meeting deadline. Applications for these awards should be submitted to the Scholarship Committee Chair. A one-page statement of achievements, aspirations, and goals should be written by the student. The student should also solicit a one-page letter of reference from a major professor, or instructor who is familiar with the student. This letter should detail the student's qualifications, and should be submitted with the application (either accompanying the student's application, or under separate cover). Both the student's application and the reference should include the student's full name, address, telephone number, and college affiliation. Award recipients will be notified prior to the February Chapter meeting.
Applications will be accepted via email to the Scholarship Committee Chair. Please post email applications with subject line “Kansas Chapter AFS Scholarship”. Multiple applications from any institution are encouraged for these awards. Thus we urge you to photocopy this letter and distribute those to qualified students in your institution. If you have questions or comments, please contact any officer of the Kansas Chapter. Thank you for your participation, and support for these important awards.