Thursday, September 5, 2013

2011 Awards

I’d like to thank all the presenters at this year’s Kansas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meeting in Wichita, Kansas.  Your willingness to share your research findings with your peers was greatly appreciated.  After the points were totaled, the judges selected the following winners:

Best Paper:  Edwin J. Miller.  Increase of Unionid Mussel Populations in the Verdigris River, Kansas,  from 1991 to 2010

Best Student Paper:  Joe Gerken.  The Importance of High Flows and Floodplain Inundation for Fish and Invertebrates of the Kansas River

Best Poster:  Ryan Pinkall.  Distributional Survey and Habitat Associations of Crayfish in the Kansas, Missouri, and Republican River Basins in Kansas

Carson Cox
Award Committee Chairman