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72nd Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference

Des Moines, Iowa  DECEMBER 4-7, 2011
Submit Abstracts Online
The 72nd Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference will be held in Des Moines, Iowa during December 4-7, 2011. The meeting will include exceptional plenary speakers, workshops, symposia, contributed papers as platform (oral) and poster presentations, and technical committee meetings. We invite submission of contributed papers on topics of fish and wildlife science, management, conservation, education, or policy. Abstracts will be available on the website, but proceedings will not be published.Contributed presentations from completed studies or significant results from ongoing work will be given highest priority. Acceptance of papers and posters from work currently in progress will depend on abstract quality and program space. Platform presentations and posters will be accepted based on technical merit and contribution to our knowledge of species, populations, communities, ecological processes, management practices, conservation initiatives, education models, or policy issues. However, meeting time and space is a limiting factor and we may not be able to accept all papers submitted, whether from professionals or students. Deadline for abstract submissions is September 1, 2011.
All platform presentations will be scheduled for 20 minutes, which includes 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for a question and answer period. A limited number of platform presentations may be included within symposia when the subject matter is consistent with a symposium’s theme and there is available space within the symposium’s session. The PCs running the platform presentations will be running Microsoft PowerPoint 2007; older versions of PowerPoint may not translate as expected. No other formats (such as slides, overheads, or video) will be accepted.POSTERSParticipants are encouraged to consider presentation of their work as posters to provide an opportunity for authors to participate in more detailed communication with attendees. Posters will be displayed for 2 full days, and authors are requested to attend their posters during a scheduled break Monday afternoon and for 1 hour during a networking event Tuesday evening. Posters will be displayed on horizontal boards 4-ft. high x 8-ft. wide.
Submit Abstracts Online
You may submit your abstract (maximum 250 words) at by typing directly into the space provided or copying and pasting text from a word processing file in the appropriate field. Please confirm that the content of your abstract is accurate and correct once pasted into the space provided. Abstracts should include a statement of objectives, a brief description of methods, principal results, and conclusions or management recommendations. Include scientific names in the abstract, but not in the title. The title should clearly describe what you will present. Please do not abbreviate place names (e.g., state or country) in the title or include author information or literature citations in the abstract. All information must be entered in the spaces provided on the website. During the abstract submission process you will be asked to provide affiliation information (i.e., institution, city, state, country) for all authors and a brief biography for the presenter (to be used by the moderator for your introduction). You will be notified via e-mail that your abstract was received and saved. For those who would like their abstract to be considered for inclusion in a specific symposium or who already have arranged with organizers to participate in a specific symposium, please indicate this by way of the appropriate comment box.
Student papers will be judged to recognize the best student platform and poster presentations.
Notice of acceptance will be made by October 1, 2011.REGISTRATIONAll presenters MUST register and pay the appropriate conference registration fee. Advanced registration is strongly recommended. Registration information is posted on the conference website.